How Head Lice Infestation Changed My Personality

Pain and heart break are a part and parcel of head lice infestation. During the good old school life, head lice were synonymous with the plague. The “inflicted” were cut off to prevent infestation. The embarrassment they brought along with the irritation was unparalleled to any humiliating scenario a child could face at school. Like any other human being, I have always avoided things that led to public humiliation. Because of this, I’ve kept myself from trying out many things in my life. Let’s just say, a state of constant fear was in my mind since childhood. The fear I picked as a child became a premise for my interaction with others. A criterion of socializing was set in my mind, due to the endless head lice prevention seminars and of course due to my all-knowing parents. Now, even as an adult, I avoid socializing with people who show the slightest symptoms of head lice. Another impact of this head-lice avoidance policy was that it made me look uptight. And believe me, that is not the case. The people who know me can vouch for my friendly demeanor and candid personality. It’s just that I consider myself classically conditioned to avoid group hugs and close headed selfies. Being the kid who avoids sleep-over and selfies can take a toll on social status. Even though I did all those precautionary measures for the wellbeing of my hair, people around me didn’t understand my reasons. This led to misjudgments and teary nights for the parties I was excluded from. I am not saying that head lice completely ruined my personality; just that it made me super cautious, insecure and uncertain. Finally, I strongly believe that there is a need for people to educate their children as well as adults—head lice can be treated without the added stigma and embarrassment. People should take lice removal as a public responsibility, and on the slightest symptom, consult a lice removal clinic. You have nothing to lose when you’re extra careful, but plenty to lose when you aren’t. Take it from someone who’s received the worst of it!