Back to School: A Guide to Staying Lice-Free

Back to school season is probably your favorite for two reasons.  A) You love preparing your kids for school and B) of course, you love the extra time to yourself during the day while the kids are away. While back to school prep can include extensive scheduling, new clothes and books, make sure your preparations are as thorough and inclusive as possible. Educating yourself and your children about head lice and its preventative measures is just as important as looking up healthy lunch options for your children. Here are some important things to remember when preparing your children to remain lice-free.

De-stigmatize the issue

Make sure you let your children that lice infestations are quite common and not their fault. It does not result from not washing our hair properly or staying unclean. You can get lice even if you wash yourself thoroughly. Encourage your children to be kind to themselves and to others who may have lice infestations as well.

Discourage them to share hair accessories

Children in pre-school and elementary school are most likely to be affected by head lice. While at this level, children are being taught to take active part in sharing with others, remind them that certain things that are NOT okay to share. Hair accessories, brushes, pillows (during naptime) and other things that touch the hair can become tools that transmit head lice from one scalp to another. Head lice don’t jump or fly but crawl from one scalp to another.

Encourage them to maintain distance

If your child is very affectionate and likes to hug their friends, you can teach them the importance of personal space and to keep distance. You can ask your kid to imagine they are wearing a hula hoop to ask them to maintain at least that much distance with everyone so that there’s minimal head to head contact. It also, helps to read up on the school’s no-nit policy and whether they will send your child home in case they have been infested with lice. Make sure you are prepared to have your child miss out on school for however long it takes. Opting for a professional lice removal treatment by trained professionals and technicians will make sure your children return to school as soon as possible without missing out on their learning. Lice Troopers is a lice treatment clinic in Weston and Plantation, Florida. They offer in-home lice removal services as well as the best lice treatment at their salon. They also offer school screenings for early detection.