Eggs But No Live Lice?

The saying, “snug as a bug” is true when it comes to head lice. These bloodsucking parasites are all about nesting in your hair. Once they settle in, they refuse to go. But what about when there are no pesky critters in the strands of your hair? What if the only thing you see is white flakes? Or are they really flakes? We all know what a louse looks like. It’s small—the size of a chia seed—and brown. But it’s the nits and nymphs (baby lice) that can make us scratch our heads (pun intended) in confusion! But what do you do if nits are the only things you see?

Where Did The Lice Go?

This is a good question. Where exactly did the lice go? If there are nits, then a female louse must be around, right? And how does a female louse lay eggs without a male louse present? The truth is, it’s not necessary for a male louse to be present. After mating, it takes the female louse a few days to lay the eggs. You could have contracted head lice from someone and the louse laid the eggs after nesting in your hair. But the biggest question is: where did the female louse go? Lice are masters of camouflage. They use their small size to their advantage. They can easily hide in hard-to-reach spots. One of these is behind the ears. So even if you wash your hair and use a lice comb, it won’t be effective. The louse can easily hide. Furthermore, nits are difficult to take out because they attach themselves to the shaft of your hair.

Get get your hair screened lice screeningGet Your Hair Screened

The first thing you need to do is get your hair screened for nits and lice. Otherwise, you don’t know how severe the problem is. If there was one nit, chances are there could be more. But then there are also chances there are none. So, the best course of action to take is to get your hair checked by a lice removal service. A lice specialist can help you find out how bad the infestation is. This will also help them devise a lice treatment plan. The lice specialist will use natural shampoo to thicken the strands of your hair and then use a special metal comb to get rid of the nits. If there are lice, they’ll be taken care of as well. We’re a leading lice removal service in Florida. Our team of specialists has the expertise, knowledge, and tools to remove lice in one sitting. Furthermore, we also offer in-home treatments if you’re looking for discreet solutions. Our natural head lice treatment ensure that you leave our salon happy and lice-free. Our products won’t damage your hair, unlike the ones found online and in local pharmacies. Feel free to contact us to book an appointment today!