Blood Suckers Or Home Wreckers?

Even though families vow to stick together in sickness and in health, sometimes these promises become too fragile to bear the social consequences of lice infestation. As lousy as it seems, the problem of head lice has grown to affect the well-being of families. Family health is as important as personal health, if not more. Having a head infested with nits and nymphs is not only physically discomforting, but also has a topple-over effect on one’s family life. Much like having an intruder in the house disturbs all inhabitants, having unwanted insurgents parading through the thick of your head is equally irksome. Deterioration of familial happiness begins from a very small note of disturbance which amplifies to become a reality that gets out of control. There can be several instances where family life can get deeply affected just by the presence of a louse:
  • No more family hugs because you have a lice-infested head
  • Avoiding intimacy with your partner because of their head lice problem
  • Telling children to stay away from baby siblings and miss out on the joy of cuddling them
  • A mother not being able to express affection physically for her children
  • Children being shunned by friends and family for having head lice
  • Increased absenteeism from school disrupting children’s academics and making parents tense
  • Working parents given warnings by employers because of poor hygiene
These scenarios are endless if you try to exhaust all possible situations in which having head lice can have an adverse impact on your family life. To classify and understand this phenomenon better, let’s look at how these microscopic creatures can threaten to wreck homes.

Fear Of Infestation

Reliable sources have attested to the fact that the most common and rapid cause of the spread of head lice is the physical interaction between family members. Because love knows no bounds, parental love can often get in the way of taking needful precautions against further infestation. If diagnosis reveals that even a single member of the house is suffering from lice infestation, immediate action to inspect all others should be taken. People assume that an infestation begins only after you experience itching! Contrary to this belief, head lice can be successfully planted in your head through the transfer of nits which when hatch can wreak havoc up there. Having had head-to-head contact with any human around is a warning sign for getting a checkup done as soon as possible!

Sharing Is NOT Caring

Every child has grown up listening to their parents instructing them to share with people because sharing is caring. Even though this is a lesson which nurtures countless virtues in your child, it may not be the best advice you can give to them when it comes to rearing them the healthy way. Rules change right after this lousy problem is identified in the house. Experts advise to separate hair accessories such as combs, brushes, clips and hair ties and reserve a set of hair tools for personal use only. This is to prevent further spread of these blood-sucking insects from head to head.

No Cozy Family Times

Close-knit families look forward to weekends when they get to spend time with their loved ones through one way or another. Plans could take the form of an outing or even snuggling in on a couch in the lounge in front of the TV to watch a movie and is a sanctuary for those who value family bonding! But sadly due to an unfortunate incidence of lice infestation, all such occasions will need to be compromised. If you want to recover the bond you had with family and return to your old family routine, Lice Troopers are the right help you need. We have effective ways to clean your head gently without pain and with guaranteed results. Having a trained team of professional lice specialists providing removal services as well as scalp examination, we can help get rid of nits! Our lice salons in Key Biscayne and Miami Beach are there to tend to all your needs. To get a treatment that returns your lost treasures: family, call us at 800-403-5423!