5 Hairstyles to Protect Your Child’s Hair from Lice

It’s back-to-school season, which means that the chances of your children catching lice while at school have gone from not likely to oh, honey, you better be ready! So start preparing! Even though we are always here to solve all your lice problems, we advise styling your child’s hair the right way to prevent chances of lice infestations in the first place:

Hairstyle#1: A Ballerina Bun

The most nit-proof hairstyle there is; a ballet bun is quite easy to make. All you need are some pins, some hairspray and you’re done. Here’s a link to a tutorial if you aren’t as adept at doing buns and braids!

Hairstyle#2: A Fishbone Braid

Perfect if your young’un has those annoying flyaways and the odd cowlick, a fishbone braid sweeps it all up and can be easy to maintain if your child doesn’t like paying too much attention to her hair. Just use some water to make the braid manageable and you’re good to go. Here’s a tutorial to guide you!

Hairstyle#3: A French Braid This is known as the ultimate lice and nit-proof hairstyle, mainly because it sweeps up all the little flyaways and wisps of hair, so nothing remains untucked. It helps that French braids are quite stylish as well; your daughter won’t mind sitting still for this intricate braid! And once you’re skilled at styling it, you can try out different variations! Watch this video on how to make a French braid on someone else!

Hairstyle#4: The Pineapple Bun

Rachel Green had The Rachel Haircut. Phoebe Buffay had The Pineapple Bun! Known for her unique, fun style, she was the one to introduce the pineapple bun through mainstream media. Simple and cute, this hairstyle might seem complicated but don’t be intimidated. Follow the right tutorial and it’ll be easy as!

Hairstyle#5: The Sock Bun

A classic hairstyle, this elegant and beautiful do just requires a donut bun maker and some hairstyle to seal in the style. Ideal for medium hair, this hairstyle also seems complicated until you actually start working on it! Here’s a handy tutorial for you!

Is It Too Late? Do You Spot Some Lice?

No problem! You’ve caught the infestation just in time! All you need to do is bring your child to your friendly neighborhood lice clinic in New Jersey and we’ll take care of the rest. A trusted name in the country for effective lice removal treatments, Lice Troopers will make sure your child is lice-free in no time! Call us today at 732-806-7717.