Head Lice Today Is More Common Than We May Think

Every year, millions of people get head lice, and we’re no different.Head Lice In fact, according to the CDC, 6-12 million people in the United States alone get head lice each year. With such a large number of affected children, why is it that parents experience so much alarm and disbelief when their child is sent home with a note as per regulations of the No Nit Policy?

Head Lice Are a Common Phenomenon Today

Head lice infestations in the United States are more common for school going children between 3 to 12 years of age. This means children in pre-school, in child care, and in elementary school should be checked regularly for head lice. In addition, teenagers and other household members of lice infested children should also be screened as well. Head lice don’t discriminate between social backgrounds. Compared to other races, however, head lice infestations are much less common among African-Americans, due to their textured hair.

Head Lice – A Social Stigma,Despite Being Common

Being told that their son or daughter (even themselves) have head lice is a nightmare for any parent. Others are horrified and mortified when they’re refused service by their hairdresser or find one or two bugs crawling on their pillow. The reality of this sad matter is; head lice are as common as the common cold and they spread the exact same way.

You Found a Louse Crawling On Your Son’s Head. How?

It’s not important to think about why head lice are so common today; rather, what’s being done to treat this blood-sucking parasite and prevent future head lice outbreaks? Anyone can catch these nasty little bugs, so you’re not alone. Now the important thing is treatment. Head lice are a fact you have to acknowledge, whether as a school going teen or a 90-year-old grandmother. There’s nowhere to hide! So, the only thing left to do is educate yourself, and take your kids to the nearest Lice Trooper’s lice salon in Miami Beach for a thorough screening and treatment. Lice Trooper’s also offers at-home lice inspection and treatment, as well as a complete home cleaning and school/camp screenings. Book your appointment today and become lice free.