Lice & Love: Breaking the Bad News to Your Partner

Nothing can come between true love—challenge accepted!Even if small and non-dangerous (besides the blood sucking and itching), head lice have been known to cause serious rifts. Everyone gets head lice – school teachers, babysitters, chefs, firemen, lawyers, and celebrities. Wait, you thought only children of 11 years old and younger got head lice?

“Honey, Why Are You Scratching Your Head?” and Other Short Stories

Can adults get head lice? Short answer is of course they can! While kids catch hair lice more often, responsible adults can also suffer from a head lice infestation. No one is immune to the creepy crawlies, be they moms, dads, daycare providers, your newly married cousin…

Fun Fact: You can still get head lice without being around children!

What Would You Do If Your Partner Had Head Lice?

Having lice is as shameful and embarrassing for kids as it is for adults, maybe even more. Catching head lice from another person is incredibly easy, so what will you do? Your partner has head lice…how do you tell them? Or how will you tell your partner if head lice are crawling on your head?

Dear LoveGuru,

I have a huge problem. I have lice and am pretty sure my boyfriend has them too. I am contracting lice from him, who doesn’t have a clue about the disgusting insects crawling on his head. I did use a lice removal shampoo but it didn’t work because lice have become resistant to chemicals.

What should I do? How do I tell him about the lice situation? I still love him and don’t want to end things over this petty issue. But I am sick of catching and killing lice.


In Love, but Scratching

I Love You and We Make a Great Team But… You/I Have Head Lice

It’s important to understand that everyone can get head lice…these little creepy crawlers really don’t discriminate. Yet having head lice as an adult is treated as a scandalizing incident! You may feel embarrassed to tell your partner (if you are the one with this scourge)… You might not know how to pop up this subject if your partner is the one with lice…

At the dinner table

“Honey, I saw a head louse crawl out of your hair last night… Can you pass the beans, please?”


“Honey, there is something weighing me down for weeks. I have got head lice… and you may have it too now.”

Telling your partner about your (or his) head lice infestation is really that simple. A little bit of tact is needed though…if it has been only a short time in the relationship. Just remember… getting lice is no big deal but not dealing with this pest is.

Fortunately, Lice Troopers is here to help with our state-of-the-art lice treatment center in Miami. Choose a lice-free lifestyle!