What Does Your Hair Style Say About You? (Summer Edition)

Everyone has a story that’s worth being turned into a movie. A short walk through the streets of Miami, alone, can prove that ordinary people are, in fact, far from ordinary. Big hair, body art, eccentric fashion—each person has an authentic character that manifests in the shape of tangible symbols; symbols that give us insight into their unique journey. We all know that clothes and cars are superficial commodities that don’t reflect one’s emotional and intellectual wealth. In fact, some ways of expressing your individuality aren’t tied to your bank account at all!

Of Style and Substance

Hair: we’re all born with it—though some of us are visibly more privileged than the rest. Despite having a head of healthy hair, however, we all prefer a hairstyle that’s truer to our personality. Some of us like a dash of bold color, while others like voluminous waves. With summer around the corner, however, we’re even more nervous to experiment in the midst of heat and humidity. And yet, there’s a bunch of us who simply know how to rock it! Can you find yourself in the list?
  • The “High” and Mighty Bob

A new season demands a new look—that’s your attitude towards change! And what better way to make a statement than opting for a fabulous bob that’s simply a cut above the rest? All puns aside, a super short angled bob shows your confidence and spunk. Bottom line: You’re a diva, and you deserve the attention!
  • Effortlessly Styled

Hair gel? What hair gel? If you have the luxury of rolling out of bed with your hair already styled, you’re naturally blessed with great genes and a face that says: “I woke up looking this fabulous”. Bottom line: You’re just really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.
  • Hat Tricks

Fedora, newsboy cap, straw hat, bandanas—is there ANY form of hair-covering article you haven’t sported to date? Sure, at first it was cute—but now everyone’s wondering what your hair actually looks like. In fact, they’re starting to wonder if your hat’s keeping a secret … a secret that can perhaps bite and crawl. Head lice infestation is a common condition that plagues millions, especially in hot and humid regions like Key Biscayne and Miami. Whether you’re a style icon or just your average girl-next-door, don’t let the stigma of lice keep you from being yourself. Lice Troopers offers pesticide free lice treatment service Key Biscayne for people of all ages. So, call us at 1-800-403-5423 and embrace your true summer style!