Hairy Situation: What to do When Your Colleague Catches Head Lice

Everyone has days where they wake up in the morning, turning off the alarm in frustration, cursing under their breath as they stagger across the bedroom floor to get ready for the day. Barely keeping your eyes open, you sit in the subway on your way to work, reaching deep within your mind to find the motivation to be productive as you think to yourself: “another day, another dollar”. No one likes to work, especially not at wee hours in the morning. But if you really want a good reason to want to avoid work like the plague, try listening to the plight of someone who finds lice and nits crawling across the scalp of a colleague who sits a few inches away. Talk about a “work hazard”!

That “Awkward” Moment

We know it’s awkward. Lice are highly contagious and if someone close to you contracts it, you’re likely to want to run in the opposite direction. What can you possibly do but silently scream when it’s sitting—nay, frolicking—just steps from your work desk? Now, there are two ways to go about it. a) You could give in your resignation, clear your desk and find another job (possibly facing the same encounter and having to change jobs again). Or… and hear us out here: b)  Have a private, civil conversation with your colleague and recommend an effective, pesticide free treatment that maintains anonymity and delivers instant results.

Having “The Talk”

We won’t lie; it won’t be easy. But look at it this way: raising awareness about a condition and focusing on a reliable solution is productive, responsible and ultimately, helpful for the community as a whole. The trick is to avoid condescension and communicate with concern, kindness and reason. By focusing on a credible treatment, you will aid your colleague and save him or her the embarrassment in the long-run, before someone else notices and makes a spectacle out of it—such as your boss.

The Solution

A non-toxic, pesticide free scientifically endorsed treatment that’s affordable and maintains an excellent reputation—yes, there is one for head lice and it’s right around the corner! Lice Troopers is a professional lice removal company in Kendall. With our team of hair-care professionals, coupled with our state-of-the-art technology, we provide effective head screenings at our salons, as well as in-house treatments and home inspections. Call 800-(403)-5423 for a free consultation, and spread the word!