Fear of the First Kiss: Nightmares of Getting Intimate with Lice

If you’ve had cold feet right before going in for a kiss, don’t worry, you’re just one out of the many who’ve felt the same way!

Fear of intimacy is a real problem, and it’s known as philemaphobia. This phobia can take over at any, particularly in individuals who are sexually inexperienced. The fear can be mild or severe, depending on the person, and usually dissipates as you practice.  

Everyone wants their first kiss to be simply magical, but the magic can become a curse if you have intruders living on your head. Imagine feeling an itch on your head, right before you lean in for a kiss? What if she sees that? It would be such a turnoff!  

The anxiety is real. Let’s beat it.

Why fear a moment of love?

Fear of Touch

You can be put off even by the best kiss if there’s an itch at the back of your head, aching to be scratched.

If you suffer from a fear of touch, a kiss can be more distasteful than pleasurable. Of course, the problem worsens if you have head lice as well.

Fear of Germs

An overbearing fear of germs may be the reason why you always miss making the most of the perfect moment. This phobia can make you paranoid about catching head lice from your partner, during an intimate moment.

This stems from the idea that head lice is a portrayal of your personal hygiene, even though it’s not. However irrational it may be, it can still spoil your intimate moments.

Fear of Body Odors

Since head lice are considered a sign of lack of cleanliness, it’s only natural that it raises red flags about possible body odor issues. If your partner dislikes body odors, chances are they’ll give up on the chance to steal a kiss if they see you scratching your scalp.

The fear of body odors is as real as head lice, and is called bromidrophobia. Regardless of how many mints you have or squirts of cologne before the final moment, the tiny critters crawling on your head can turn off the other person.

What to do about it

First they took over your scalp, and now they’re talking over your love life as well! It’s utterly unbelievable how deeply head lice can impact your life. These microscopic crawlers must not be underestimated because of their size. Their plight is greater than their might, and even the mightiest fail against them.

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