Face Off: Chemical Treatment or Organic Treatment for Lice Removal

Upon realizing that your child has become a victim of a lice infestation, the instant and natural reaction is to rush to towards a pharmacy or a medical store and purchase over the counter products available for lice treatments. Not many people are aware of the fact that these products contain toxic ingredients that can potentially damage their child’s skin. Other than that, over the counter products do not work. They may prove to be effective for a small percentage of population, but for the rest, it hasn’t produced positive results.

The Chemical Treatments

The chemical anti-lice products come in the form of shampoos, conditioners or lotions. These products contain lice repellent ingredients such as Malathion, Lindane, bio-allethrin, phonethrin and permethrin that can kill lice, nymphs and nits. While only the first two are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the latter are not, but still they are prescribed by doctors that don’t know how to treat head lice. There are many people who trust chemical treatments with the belief that these treatments have been designed based on latest researches. The preconceived notion of chemical treatment being the besthead lice treatment has overpowered the people. Doctors prescribe and patients prefer chemical treatments because they produce instant results without much effort. However, the chemical treatments stop working for people overtime because the lice tend to develop resistance and invulnerability towards these chemicals. Moreover, there are health and safety issues associated with these products, especially since the introduction of pesticides in most of the anti-lice treatments.

Organic Treatments – The Safer Route

The increasing safety concerns relating to chemical treatments are causing more and more people to head towards the safer and chemical-free route. The pesticide free treatments offered by Lice Troopers do not contain chemicals that are not hazardous. You will be at least assured that your child is not being exposed to toxic and deadly chemicals. Also, these treatments are much more effective than the chemical ones that are widely available at every pharmacy. Are you on the lookout for effective and natural head lice removal services? You have certainly reached the right spot. At Lice Troopers, we offer our clients with lice cleaning services that are free from harsh chemicals and pesticide free. Call us and avail the safest lice treatment at our salon or your home. Our professional lice removal service is rendered by highly trained and skilled professionals that will provide you with the best customer care. Browse our website and avail our services for extremely cheap rates!