False Beliefs about Head Lice

Head louse have been around for years and years, so naturally we have developed some misconceptions about them. We thought that we should try to debunk some of the most common false beliefs that people have developed about head lice over the years. This information will not only educate people about head lice, but it may also help to prevent the spread of head lice and it would certainly make our job much easier.

1.     Lice can Fly/Jump

This misconception has led many children towards days of isolation. Head lice have no wings so they certainly can’t fly and they aren’t capable of jumping either. Their only mode of travel is crawling from point A to point B, while sucking some of your blood in between.

2.     Personal Hygiene

Lice do not miraculously appear in your hair because of bad hygiene, as many people would have you believe, though a good personal hygiene is always a good thing. Cleaning your home and hair profusely, will not get rid of the head lice either. You need specialized treatment, like the one we offer, in order to get rid of the head lice and their nits (lice eggs).

3.     Itchy Head Points to Head Lice

There are a number of reasons why your child may be scratching their head; it isn’t always because of head lice. Before you start using chemical mixed products on your child, perform a manual inspection of their hair.

4.     Pets are Carriers

Don’t punish dear old ‘fluffy’ for the head lice epidemic in your home, because pets can’t get head lice and they can’t carry them into your home.

5.     Lice Spread Disease

Though head lice create extremely cumbersome situations and spread like wildfire, luckily they cannot spread any type of diseases.

6.     Freeze the Louse

Many parents believe that to get rid of their head lice problem, they have to gather up their clothes and sheets and put them in a freezer. This isn’t necessary and it won’t get rid of all the nits anyways. What you need is our complete home inspection and cleaning service, this will ensure that there aren’t any of the parasites left in your home.

7.     Isolation is Necessary

Keeping children in isolation until their head lice are gone is not the best of practices, not to mention the long term psychological effects can be dire. As we have mentioned above, lice can’t fly or jump, so they can only spread through direct head-to-head contact. These are the most common misconceptions that people still believe about head lice. If you have a head lice problem in your home then call us immediately (1.800.403.5423) and take advantage of our same day service. We currently provide our services in South Florida and New York.