Lice Don’t Take a Summer Break! Here’s What You Didn’t Know

With an estimated 6–12 million lice infestation cases being reported in the U.S. each year, how many do you want to bet occur during the summer seasons? With school out for a couple months and your children taking advantage of the sun, sand and lots of free time, it’s only obvious that one of them would catch lice sooner or later. It might be through sharing headphones or helmets, or just moving closer while sharing something on their phones. However it spreads, right now your job is damage control. Follow the ways below on managing a lice infestation so it doesn’t ruin your child’s summer or yours!

Managing a Lice Infestation—What You Should Know

Managing a Lice Infestation

Don’t Wash their Hair

At least, not daily! Lice love washed clean hair, so giving them a nice, fluffy mane to roam around in will only be inviting trouble.

Put it Up

Aside from giving them some much-needed relief from the heat, tying their hair up in a bun or a braid or even a ponytail will make it more difficult for the lice to infiltrate.

Give them their own headsets

Sharing ear buds, headsets or any such head accessory like a hat, bike helmets or batting helmets makes it easier for the lice to get to another food source. Give them their own equipment and make sure to teach them to not share, at least not during lice season.

Teach them Responsibility

If your child has lice, teach them to separate their belongings once they come home. Give them laundry bags for any clothing and accessories they use, so they can be washed. Also teach them to be careful when sitting on couches and towels, anything that might have come into contact with someone’s head.

Be Very Careful when Referring to Lice

come to lice troopers As all parents know, children can be very blunt about the things they know (or are mistaken about). If you refer to lice as ‘gross’ or ‘disgusting’, they might repeat the words in front of other children who might also have lice. And that’ll just create a bullying situation you just don’t want to deal with!

Come to Lice Troopers

Caught the lice infestation at the start? Come to Lice Troopers and have your child’s hair treated with an pesticide free solution. A leading lice removal service in Coral Gables, Lice Troopers uses a non-toxic formula so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Contact us today to book an appointment. And be sure to talk to us about a home inspection. We want this lice problem nipped in the bud so you can enjoy your summer vacation in peace!