The Root of the Problem: The Worst Lice Infestations Stories told by Lice Troopers

Over the course of many years, our technicians have seen all kinds of infestations. Some infested heads can be cleared in within half with a few strokes of a fine-tooth comb and then there are the others—the ones that require an extra day of head lice removal treatment. From lice crawling on children’s foreheads to heads covered in scalp infections due excessive itching—we’ve seen it all! Here are a couple of lice horror stories we’ve heard:

Lice That Just Won’t Go Away

Alice, a mom of 3 gave called Lice Troopers because she had been publically humiliated by the other moms in the PTSA. Why? Because all 3 of her little kids were infested with lice! Alice had spent hundreds of dollars in anti-lice products however none of them worked; the lice always came back! She eventually gave up and stopped screening her kids’ heads. As a result, the lice multiplied and were visible for others to see. After what happened to her at the PTSA meeting, Alice was forced to look for effective lice removal professionals. She found Lice Troopers on the Internet and our lice removing technicians were at her doorstep in a few hours. Alice’s kids had one of the worst cases of lice infestations we’ve had. Our fine-tooth combs were filled with lice. Even after hours of combing, the lice kept coming. Finally, when it looked like we’d removed all of them, our technicians sectioned the hair and started to manually pick out the nits. It took several hours but we did get the kids’ heads cleaned. We went back the next day for an extra session to ensure no louse or nit was left behind. Seeing how bad the infestation was we recommended that Alice avail our home inspection and cleaning services too. She took us up on our offer. We handed her few important resources that can help keep the lice away. It’s now been almost 2 years and Alice is proud to say that her family is lice-free!

Adults Get Lice Too!

Adults Get Lice TooIt’s safe to say that 95% of our clients are school-going kids who’ve probably caught lice from school or the playground. But every now and then, we get called into to treat adults. People are more understanding of kids who’ve caught lice; however, when it comes to adults, they can be pretty unforgiving. Adults with lice are usually shunned. They are deemed unclean and may even face trouble at their jobs. We’ve had a number of adult clients share embarrassing stories of their lice infestations. One of our clients (let’s call her Sarah) was taken to a salon by her friend to get a new haircut. Sarah sat on the salon chair, excited for her new look. The hairstylist asked how she wanted her hair done but within a few seconds of examining her head, the hairstylist took a step back with a perplexed look on her face. She pulled the friend aside and said “How dare you bring lice into my salon?! Your friend is infested!” Both women were asked to leave immediately. Sarah didn’t know how that she had lice and was desperate to get them out. Traumatized by what happened, Sarah asked around for help and that’s when she gave us a call. We understand that having lice is embarrassing but choosing to ignore them will only make things worse. Instead of wasting time on ineffective lice removal solutions, we recommend that people seek professional help immediately. Lice Troopers provides pesticide free professional lice removal services. Our services include in-home lice removal, home inspections and cleaning and camp & school screening. If you’re uncomfortable with having lice removed at your home, you can visit our lice treatment salons where we use advanced technology to ensure every nit and louse is removed. Call 1.800.403.5423 for appointments.