Head Lice Treatment: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Getting rid of head lice completely is an incredibly tricky job. Chances are high that the nasty looking bugs can come back again if all the steps of lice treatment and removal aren’t followed properly. Lice Troopers expert Elizabeth Cofino lists the following mistakes that people commonly make when dealing with a case of head lice.Are you making them too?

Getting Treated Soon EnoughMistake #1: Not Getting Treated Soon Enough

No one wants to deal with the reality of head lice. We hope that by forgetting about them, they’ll simply go away on their own. We wish! Unfortunately lice are quite resilient and do not go away on their own. Untreated, they continue to multiply causing major distress to the individual and making them harder to eradicate. Don’t let lice go untreated. If you suspect a member of your household may have been exposed, get screened immediately.

Mistake #2: Forgetting to Repeat and Recheck

One combing may not be enough. If parents choose to undertake the removal task at home, they should get ready to perform repeated combings until they know, beyond all doubt, that evForgetting to Repeat and Recheckery louse and nit has been removed. After a week or so of combing efforts, continue to check your child’s head regularly.

Mistake #3: Not Treating the Whole Family

Head lice are incredibly contagious and are easy to spread among family members, usually from direct head to head contact. This means that if one individual has lice, it shouldn’t be surprising for others within the same house to end up with a case of itas well. To keep this in check, remember to inspect everyone in the family right away and treat as necessary. Conduct an inspection once every week, even after the threat of head lice has long expired.

Mistake #4: Not Cleaning Up Properly After Infestation

Head lice are known to survive for up to two days after separation from the host. This is why cleaning everything the infected person came into contact with is very important, otherwise the chances of a re-infestation is high. Wash all clothing, linens, pillows and stuffed animals in hot water (130 degrees Fahrenheit) and dry them on high heat as well. As mentioned, head lice treatment and removal is a tricky business, so why not save time, stress and hassle by bringing in the professionals? Call Lice Troopers for an at-home treatment or visit our lice salon for a thorough lice removal treatment? Treatment is safe, pesticide free and 100% guaranteed after just one treatment.