Not in My House: How to Make Your Humble Abode a Lice-Free Zone

Getting screened and checked for lice ourselves from time to time is good practice. Another thing that is good practice is checking your home for lice on occasion too. There are a number of ways that you can go about ensuring that your home stays free of lice and we’re going to share some of those with you over the course of this blog.

When is a Good Time?

The first thing you need to be mindful of is that when it comes to lice, ground zero is not fabric or furniture but the human head (or body). In other words, the priority should be to keep yourself and your family lice free before worrying about the rest of the home! A good time to maybe check and clean a home to make sure it is louse free is after one or more family members contract lice or post someone in the home suffering a sudden outbreak or infestation.

How to Go About It?

Again, as we said, lice that feed on humans seek human hosts. For the most part, you will not find head or pubic lice clustering on or gravitating to clothing items and fabrics. Body lice however; are a different story and often alternate between human host body and fabric (usually that of clothing). Keeping this in mind, here are a few things to do to make sure your house is louse free!

Soaking and Sterilizing

wahisngmachine First, it is important to collect hair brushes, combs and other such items used on the head. These should be soaked in warm or hot water for a little while and then dried out. Check for any nits or lice while wiping them down.

Linens and Fabrics

Linens and fabrics should be given a wash or laundered and then left out to dry. This should help ensure that any lice that got onto them will be washed away and gotten rid of.

Fabrics you can’t Move

Fabrics that can’t be moved such as carpets for instance can be dusted with anti-mite or insect powders and vacuumed. You can do the same with your couch tops and mattresses if you feel this is needed.


Last but not least, all hats, scarves and other headwear in the home needs to be washed thoroughly, preferably in hot water and dried out and then dusted off once more before use. Stray head lice sometimes get caught in the lining. A few of these are enough to trigger a whole new infestation so it’s best to be clear!


As we said, what is of more importance is for you to keep yourself lice free. The home is secondary! The best way to address a lice infestation or the scare of one is to visit a specialized lice clinic or to ask for a home visit. Our lice treatment specialists across the US from Miami Beach to Hollywood and we’re well equipped to sort out all and any lice problems you may have!