Good Lice Etiquette

When it comes to lice infestation, there are two things that cannot be denied. 1: No one ever wants lice. 2: No one ever wants to be near a person with lice. It is disgusting and unimaginably embarrassing to say the least. There are certain rules and etiquettes that should be followed to ease and control the situation, once you discover you or someone around you has lice.

If You Have Head Lice

  • Firstly, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Almost every person gets infested with lice at least once in their lifetime. So stop blaming yourself or someone else for it because these things happen.
  • Avoid going to parties, outings or sleepovers till you are lice free. You might infest someone else and that might cause an outbreak. It is better to contain the situation as soon it arises.
  • Visit a lice clinic, like ours, immediately because they will be able to better diagnose you. Our technicians at Lice Troopers are highly qualified at making sure that the lice removal procedure is done without any delay in a painless manner.
  • Have your house thoroughly cleaned. The lice might have spread to other areas of your house and may re-infest you after you have been treated. Lice Troopers also offers its services across inspecting and cleaning your house. We make sure that your house is 100% lice-free.
  • Have your clothes thoroughly washed. Sometimes these creatures may hide in them and crawl back into your head when you wear those clothes.
  • Avoid giving them a hard time about it. No one intentionally asks for lice.
  • If you suspect someone has lice then it is better to inform them that they are visible. They might not know they have lice and they might be confusing frantic scratching with something else. There is no need to embarrass that person by announcing it to the world and embarrassing them.
  • This might sound mean but try to keep a distance from the infected person until they are completely lice free. This would help avoid an outbreak.

If Someone Else has Head Lice

Lice treatment centers, like ours, ensure 100% confidentiality and privacy. You can get a complete lice removal treatment without any embarrassment.