Growing Concerns: 3 Ways You Can Get Head Lice As An Adult

You are well aware of how easily children get lice. Head lice, as it seems, consider schools, camps and essentially any child-friendly place as fair game for their conquests. It is less troubling to imagine that head lice have no chance of getting to adults, given that we are the more cautious generation. If only that was the case. Adults are susceptible to lice infestations, though less so than children. Remember that lice play no favorites when taking over. Adults are more heedful towards hygiene; that should keep the lice away, right? Unfortunately, all lice need is a living scalp with enough hair, and they are well on their way to populating their new home. Nobody likes walking around with lice infesting their hair. It’s isolating, even more so when you are a working adult. These are the few ways you may encounter lice:

1. Direct Head-To-Head Contact

Lice can easily find their way to your hair when you come in direct contact with hair that already has lice. This can happen when you hug people to greet them, hang out with kids, or even when you spend time in a heavily crowded space for too long. Unless you are willing to avoid social interactions altogether, you will arrive in the same vicinity as head lice now and then. Try keeping any head-to-head contact to a minimum in order to avoid a lice encounter.

2. Lice-Infested Tools At A Salon

Getting lice at a salon is one of the rarest possibilities. However, since most hair salons cater to numerous children and adults every day, and at least one of them may have head lice. If your hairdressers are not cleaning and disinfecting their tools between each client’s services, a head lice or nit tangled in a brush/comb can easily transfer onto your hair. Most diligent salon staff heeds the use of cleaned tools. Regardless, make sure you do your part in avoiding head lice by going to a reputable salon, and checking to see if they are using cleansed tools.

3. Sharing Accessories And Clothes

Do you remember putting on someone’s scarf? What about their hat? Lice can survive for at least 24 hours out of human hair. Clothing fibers provide a stable surface for lice to hold on in hats, caps, scarves, and other worn things. If you are sharing these items, check them for any “bits” and shake them out before use. It pays to be informed of the circumstances where you can encounter head lice. Make sure to get a treatment immediately once you know you have lice to keep them from spreading around. Consult the experts on how you can prevent another epidemic. The lice doctors at Lice Troopers specialize in providing safe and efficient head lice removal service Kendall. Call us today at 800-403-5423, and let us help you out!