4 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier Hair

Hair doesn’t make the woman but good hair certainly does! Beautiful and healthy doesn’t just happen magically. A lot of work and products go into making hair good enough to be immortalized in a picture. There are a lot of commandments about how to get the perfect hair style but very few on how to achieve healthy hair. Guess what, healthy hair is beautiful hair! Invest in your hair and shine bright… following are some habits to pick-up for healthier hair!

Don’t Wash Hair Everyday

Of course you will know better than anyone how to treat your hair. Yet too much shampooing can actually damage hair overtime. This also depends on the shampoo you are using; one laden with too many chemicals can strip hair of natural oils. This leaves hair extra brittle and prone to breakage! Getting a salon blow out? Make it last longer by using a dry shampoo or tying hair up into a braid on the second day!

Eat More Protein

Protein consumption is essential to form strong hair bonds that are resilient to adverse environmental elements and chemical hair styling procedures. Hair is formed from keratin bonds, made from lysine and cysteine. Both compounds are naturally found in large quantities in animal protein! This means eating at least 2 portions of animal based products (eggs, fish, chicken, pork, beef, and dairy products) will provide daily requirement of protein. Are you a vegetarian? You will need to consume at least 5 portions of plant protein to reach daily protein requirement.

Go for Regular Hair Trimming

Healthy and short hair is better than brittle and long any time of the day! Additionally, regular trimming at the salon will prevent the ends from fraying and breakage which will help grow hair longer! Thicker and blunter hair ends promote the appearance of long and healthy hair! Opt for a hair trim every six to eight weeks for optimum results.

Forego Chemical Lice Treatments

The first step people take when an itch announces arrival of lice is head to the store and buy a chemical lice removal treatment or shampoo. Treating your hair to harsh chemicals isn’t the way to ensure healthy and beautiful hair! Additionally, the toxic chemicals present in the lice removal solutions also pose a direct health hazard risk. Instead of dumping chemicals on your child’s (or yours) head, think clearly for a minute and head to Lice Troopers Miami Beach for an pesticide free head lice treatment! Healthy hair is beautiful hair, remember that. It isn’t so difficult to achieve healthy and beautiful hair!