Being Nit-Picky About Your Costume: How To Make Sure Your Halloween Costume Isn’t Infested With Lice

Halloween is a time of horrors and what can be scarier than a blood-sucking parasite living on your scalp? These tiny creatures—about the size of a sesame seed—are capable of causing hysteria, panic, and pure fear. The terror of a lice infestation is no less than the scariest Halloween haunting story. There is good news, though. You don’t need an exorcism to get out of this harrowing nightmare. Put away the sage and blow out the candles, this is how you can survive this Halloween season by making sure your costume isn’t infested:

Be Careful Of What You Try On

With an estimated 8.8 billion U.S. dollars to be spent on Halloween season this year, swarms of people are flooding costume shops every day. If you stop to think about how many of those people might have lice, you’ll want to reconsider trying on that funny hat to make your friends chuckle. Research into these lousy parasites has shown that they can’t fly. The only way you can succumb to a lice infestation is when these tiny, wingless creatures crawl along your hair shaft using their six legs. Owing to their similarity to dandruff, people often aren’t able to discover they have lice until it’s too late. Avoid this fate by being careful what you put on. Don’t try on clothes you have to pass over your head or put on masks and hats. Since lice can live off of their human host for up to three days, according to some studies, it’s entirely possible for you to get infested by residual lice.

Don’t Swap

Halloween is a time of having fun and being silly with your friends. It can be fun to try on your friend’s costume but a few laughs aren’t worth risking your scalp’s safety over. When you try on the mask or hat of a person who has lice crawling about on their head, you’re vulnerable to these unwelcome visitors as well. To avoid the same fate, it’s best to keep your personal belongings to yourself.

Be Wary Of Sharing

Have you been dreaming of the perfect costume for years but couldn’t find the right accessories? Does your friend have exactly what you’re looking for? If you answered yes to both questions, stop right there! While it’s difficult to deny your friend’s generosity, be careful when you’re borrowing a costume from someone else. You never know what could be lurking within it. If you still fall prey to a lice infestation, you might be thinking that cutting your hair off is the only solution. Don’t be discouraged. We’re here to help you with your lice woes. Lice Troopers is one of the best lice treatment centers in Cedarhurst and Lawrence, NY. We’ve garnered our stellar reputation by providing non-toxic, effective, and natural in-salon and in-home lice removal services for several years. Let us get the troubles off your head, visit our professionals at our lice treatment centers nearest to you in Lawrence and Cedarhurst, NY. You can call us at 516-693-8711 for more information.