Can Halloween Costumes Cause Head Lice?

Halloween is around the corner and we can already hear the leaves rustling and the wind blowing on Ol’ Hallow’s Eve. There’s so much excitement in the air and people are getting their decorations out and up by now. There are so many reasons to look forward to both fall and Halloween, including the changing weather and gorgeous colors all around. It’s also incredibly fun and exciting to think about going out to shop for or rent Halloween costumes.

The Scary Thing About Your Scary Costumes

Halloween costumes are super fun to try out; it’s a small party in the changing room if you go with your friends. Or if you’re going with your kids the way their faces light up on seeing themselves dressed as their favorite superhero, a princess or a pirate is incomparable. Don’t get too caught up in that excitement though—Halloween costumes can be traps for head lice, transferring onto your kids or yourself. This isn’t always true though, so there’s no cause for alarm just yet, but be prepared. Seeing as how fall is peak season for lice, according to experts, it’s no surprise that Halloween costumes are the culprits for these little monsters.

What do lice have to do with costumes?

You must be wondering how lice, which are commonly spread as a result of head to head contact or through shared hair accessories and tools, towels and pillowcases are transferred via Halloween costumes. Well, it’s not that lice themselves live in these costumes, it’s that people with lice who try them on before you—such as with rentals—can leave a few of these critters behind. Since lice cannot service without a human host for more than 24-48 hours, they can’t really stay there all year, so you don’t need to worry about finding lice in old costumes. However, if costumes with wigs, masks or hats were tried on by someone with an infestation, there is a chance of them being passed on to you.

How can I prevent lice from Halloween costumes?

Lice, as we said, can’t survive without a human host for very long, so you can keep them away in a plastic bag or closed space for a couple of days before trying them on. Alternatively, you can clean them with a fine toothed comb and some OTC lice medication for a quick fix; or toss them in the dryer—though they might shrink there. These are effective ways to kill head lice in clothing at home. If you’re concerned about lice from your Halloween costume, you can drop by our lice centersacross New Yorkfor a professional check up and lice cleaning services. Just get in touch with us!