Halloween Is Coming! What Are You Going to Do about the Real Monsters in Your Child’s Hair?

That time of the year is coming again – a day of mischievous tricks and sweet treats. One day out of the entire year, to dress-up anyway you want to. Halloween is coming and judging by the popularity of clowns, your kid would want to be one too! Not yet sure about what your child wants to dress up as this Halloween? You should be prepared some other things for first.

The Scourge of Head Lice and Second-Hand Halloween Costumes

Many parents prefer buying their children’s costumes at a second-hand costume store, literally just days before the day. Sure, this lends to a lot of convenience and ease yet do you know your child can also have lice this way? Even if the costume isn’t bought from a second hand store, still children can catch lice by sharing one costume amongst each other year after year. Can’t deal with all the drama that comes from a surprise outbreak and bad lice infestation? Take help from the following tips for this Halloween and stay lice-free! Place a no-sharing rule with friends i.e. no sharing of costume items particularly hats, wigs, and masks. It’s important for children to realize they shouldn’t even try their friends’ or siblings costumes.
  •  Place all new or borrowed costumes in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours before taking out and wearing.
  •  Don’t have enough time? Check costume’s label and throw in the dryer on high heat (for 45 minutes) before trying them on.
  •  Make sure to cover your child’s head with a transparent swimming cap before placing the wig or mask. This will decrease contact with the hair.
  •  Be vigilant and observant after the day has passed. You won’t notice lice symptoms so soon afterwards so another idea is to regularly inspect your child’s hair.
  •  Notice them scratching or picking their scalp? It’s too late! Call Lice Troopers and have them handle the lice-y situation!

Things You Shouldn’t Give This Halloween

You might not know what the proper protocol for celebrating Halloween is. Here are some things you should definitely give to kids or adults on this Halloween.
  •  Candy canes
  •  Candy circus peanuts
  •  Raisins
  •  Carrots
  •  Toothbrushes
  •  Toilet paper
  •  Head lice
Want to have their heads inspected before Halloween just to make sure? Give a visit to Lice Troopers lice removal salon in Winter Park today!