The Origin of Nits: Is There a Trigger?

When you’re itching away at your scalp, or spending sleepless nights trying to get your child’s hair nit-free, there’s not much cause to wonder where they came from. However, for the sake of being informed, it’s important to get all your facts straight.

What Causes Head Lice?

Head lice are all about survival. They need our blood to keep them alive, so their main purpose is to find a host that fulfills this criteria. They aren’t very picky about who they latch on to—it doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, dirty or clean, thick or thin. As long as you have hair long enough for them to get their claws on to, you’re fair game. So how do you get lice? From other people, of course! The main cause is any shared head-to-head contact with a person who has head lice. Contrary to a commonly held misconception, lice are unable to fly or jump. What they do is use the claw-like structures they possess and use them to crawl from one head of hair to another. You can even contract head lice if you use a personal item that has been in contact with an infected person’s head, such as a hat, brush, or other accessories.

High-Risk Individuals

So are there certain individuals who are more likely to get lice as compared to others? Well, yes! Children of school-going age—particularly those in preschool and elementary school—fall under the category of those have the highest risk of contracting head lice. However, this is not due to any personal traits that may attract lice to them. This is solely because these children tend to indulge in a number of group activities that bring them into close contact with each other. The classroom environment and play time brings them closely together, resulting in lice being able to freely move from one child to another. They may also share items amongst each other that come into contact with their heads. Similarly, those who work in close quarters in such environments, or those who have a young school-aged child in their home are also equally at risk!


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