Lingering Lice—Preventing Repeat Infestations

Head lice are not only irritating, they’re stubborn as well. Contracting lice is incredibly easy, as they are highly contagious. However, removing them is a whole other ballgame.One of the most common issues faced by people with a lice infestation is the fact that that once they contract head lice, no treatments seems to work. This results in repeated infestations within a short timeframe.

Getting It Right in One Go

When it comes to preventing immediate repeat infestations, it’s all a matter of getting all the head lice and nits during the treatment. What happens with home remedies and over-the-counter lice killing products is that they may be successful in smothering or killing some of the lice, but they tend to leave numerous survivors behind. Therefore, while you may think you’ve taken care of the problem, the infestation reemerges within a matter of days. This traps you in an endless cycle of unsuccessful treatments. In order to take care of the situation properly, your best bet is a professional. They have the expertise and skill to get rid of lice for good! We at Lice Troopers have some of the best lice removal experts in the region, who can help you break out of the cycle of re-infestations in just one treatment.

We Offer Home Inspections!

At Lice Troopers, we offer clients complete home inspection and cleaning services. This serves to ensure that the immediate environment of the person with the lice infestation is clear of any parasites. It is a precautionary measure, and can save the treated person from an immediate repeat infestation. We value your privacy, and arrive at your house discreetly—unmarked cars and regular clothes to ensure no one is privy to information you don’t want them knowing. The overall home inspection and cleaning process generally takes up to two hours. We do everything from stripping beds, cleaning mattresses and pillows, and vacuuming carpets and furniture. We are extremely thorough and meticulous, and advise clients on how to keep their home protected. We offer our premium lice removal services Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Orlando, and other regions of Florida, including locations in New York as well. We guarantee that our treatment will be successful in eliminating lice completely, with a free treatment offered to clients if there is a repeat infestation within fourteen days of the first one. Our working hours are extended for your convenience, making it possible to get same day treatments. Locate your nearest lice treatment center Pembroke Pines and book an appointment for complete lice removal that won’t let you down!