Lice and Lies – Busting Head Lice Myths

Head lice are nothing new. They have been around and been problematic for human beings for about as long as we have donned clothing and maybe even prior to! Despite our long and sometimes colorful shared history, we often have people even today who harbor some strange ideas and misconceptions about these little pests. Over the course of this blog, we’re going to address some of these as well as what the truth is if any behind the myth.

5 Myths about Lice

Here are five common myths often heard about lice as well as a bit on what the actual deal really is.

Myth # 1: Lice are attracted to Dirt

The truth here is that lice really don’t care. Lice feed on human blood. That is what they live and sustain themselves with. They have absolutely no sense of human hygiene, further; they are only evolved to gravitate towards human bodies, hair in particular. In short, dirt or dirty hair has little to do with contracting lice.

Myth # 2: Chemical Treatments are the Best

This is extremely untrue. Today, not only have most chemical treatments been proven ineffective or inadequate due to pesticide resistance in lice, we also know they can be extremely harmful. In short the truth here is simple; chemical treatments are far from the best!

Myth # 3: You will need to get rid of your upholstery, clothing and linens post an infestation.

Many people think that in order to make sure their homes are lice free after an infestation; they need to get rid of their linens, upholstery and some clothing in case there were lice left behind. This isn’t so. All you really need is a thorough spring cleaning; washing drying and all to make sure your home is clear post infection. You don’t need to get rid of anything!

Myth # 4: Lice are Carriers for Disease

Though by the look of them you would think so, this really isn’t true. Lice are a nuisance and a bit of a hygiene hazard at best. They do not however carry other viruses or diseases that can be contracted by humans. That being said, the itching alone is bad enough to look into lice treatment!

Myth # 5: Lice Jump from Head to Head

Nope. Fleas jump. Lice can only crawl. They do not have wings or particularly strong hind legs like grass hoppers (or fleas) to help project them from head to head! They can however crawl from hair to hair while you’re hugging someone or if you’re sharing a bed while camping or during a sleepover!


As you can see, some of the myths about lice make absolutely no sense. That being said, that doesn’t make lice any less of a concern or any less of a problem that should be deal with! If you’re located in Central or North Florida and are looking for a lice specialist offering screening and treatment, we’ve got some lice clinic close to where you live!