Lice Proofing Your House: How To Keep Your Place Pest-Free

Head lice can be a nuisance, but the problem can be even more troublesome when other people in the house get it from a family member. To ensure your home remains lice-free at times like these, here is what you should do.

Identify People Who May Be At Risk

The first and foremost thing to do when you find yourself frequently scratching your scalp or see a lice crawling across your child’s shirt, is to determine its source.  Head lice cannot fly or jump, and can thus only be transmitted through close proximity as it crawls from one head to another. If a family member suddenly gets hair lice, it is also important to carefully inspect the hair of all those who were in close personal contact with the infested person. This helps identify where the lice may have come from and who else may be at risk of an infestation. Moreover, children (or adults) who share a bed or hair accessories should also be examined closely.

Wash Clothing & Linens

wash clothing linens Once you have established who in the house has hair lice and who might be at risk, promptly change the bed covers, pillowcases, and towels and wash the used ones using hot water. This needs to be done regularly to avoid the possibility of lice being transmitted. These should then be dried at high heat as well to make sure all traces of lice are eliminated from those items. You’ll also need to thoroughly wash the combs and brushes used by the affected people in hot water, every day. It’s also recommended that you vacuum furniture and specific areas that may have made contact with the infested person’s head to remove any chances of lice crawling on those surfaces.

Seal the Non-Washable Items

You must also clean items that were in contact with the infested individual and cannot be washed or put in a dryer. For instance, any clothing item that can’t be washed with water should be put in the dryer for at least half an hour. If drying is also not an option, then it must be sealed off in a plastic bag for a minimum of two days. Similarly, put used hair accessories  such as headbands, barrettes, and hair clips in a zip-loc plastic bag for two days. Stuffed toys that came in contact with the children during this time should also be bagged and kept out of reach for up to two weeks to kill the lice and eliminate any chances of the eggs laid on these items.

Call A Professional Lice Removal Service!

Handling lice infestation at home can be a lot of work and can take you a very long time to have your place fully lice-free. This is why you need to call in a professional company to examine your house and have it pest-free in a short time. Lice Troopers in Plantation offers a home inspection & cleaning service and will have your place lice-free in just two hours!