Top Tips to Keep the Lice at Bay

Head lice can be a nuisance to deal with, particularly if you are a parent of a school-going child. While they present no risk of harm to health, head lice are something that need to be dealt with promptly and effectively, particularly because they are extremely contagious.

It can be quite difficult to ensure complete immunity to the possibility of a head lice infestation. However, you can follow some tips to help reduce chances of getting an infestation.

Screen for Lice Regularly

Your best bet is to catch head lice early on in the infestation, which can make it considerably easier to quickly get treatment and take care of the problem as soon as possible.

This can only be done through the use of regular screenings for lice—using a comb on wet hair, divide the hair into section and look at scalp and the roots of hair under sufficient lighting for any traces of head lice or nits.

Learn to Recognize the Symptoms

You can pick up on whether you have head lice by educating yourself on the symptoms. These may include tickling sensation in your hair, difficulty sleeping, and itchy scalp that is due to an allergic reaction to louse bites.

Minimize Direct Contact

Head lice are spread through head to head contact, so it’s important to teach young kids about avoiding or reducing direct contact with other children. Adults should also keep this in mind, particularly if they are working in a child caregiving setting.

Keep Long Hair Tied Up

While not entirely a foolproof preventive measure, keeping long hair tied up can also help keep the parasites away. Head lice spread through head to head contact, latching onto strands within reach. With hair tied up, it decreases the chances of that happening.

Seeking Treatment

Sometimes, lice are just entirely unavoidable. When an outbreak does occur, you’re going to need to take the right measures to ensure every trace of head lice is gone.

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