Head Lice Comb 101

If you live in an area where head lice are a constant problem, then you have to keep an eye out for a possible head louse infestation in your own home. With our pesticide free and organic head lice removal treatment, which guarantees 100% removal, and house inspection and cleaning service, you can get rid of these pietistic insects. But, you have to play your role in keeping them out. The only option that is available to you is vigilance; you have to perform regular inspections on every individual in your home and to do that you will require head lice combs. We thought that we should use our blog to talk about some basic types of head lice combs that can be instrumental in your inspections. Though they aren’t as effective as our especially manufactured head lice removal combs, they can still be useful in performing routine head lice checks in your home.

Types of Combs

There are many different types of head lice combs available in the market. It is not possible for us to talk about all of them, so we will put them into 3 general categories and explain how each of them can help you keep a watchful eye on any possible head louse.

1.      Plastic Combs

Plastic combs are not effective as they are cheap and the teeth of the comb are too spread apart, so the eggs don’t get removed. Although these combs are cheap, they are not the best option.

2.      Metal Combs

If you want a head lice comb that you can use for a long time, then a metal lice comb is the way to go. They are pricier than their plastic counterparts, but since they are made of metal, they are virtually unbreakable. You will have to be very careful when performing inspections with metal combs, as they can be rough on your scalp’s skin.

3.      Electric Combs

A relatively recent addition to the head lice comb market, electric combs can be an efficient instrument for your monthly head lice inspection. They can be a bit expensive, but if you use them sparingly and correctly they will last for years. Some people may have you believe that electric combs are an effective way to kill the louse, but this isn’t a correct assessment. They can kill off the adult louse, but are very ineffective in getting rid of small lice and nits. Use the type of comb that you think would be ideal for you and use them to keep a watchful eye on the spread of head lice in your home. If you do find some nits or adult lice in any of your family members’ heads, then contact us (1.800.403.5423) immediately for a prompt head lice removal treatment.