Why Chemical Treatments for Removing Head Lice are Harmful

As the new school year begins, many children between the ages of 3 and 12 (or even older) will show up at school with tanned skin and lice in their hair. As many schools throughout the United States have declared a strict “No Nit Policy,” parents will be forced to take drastic measures–in the form of over-the-counter lice removal treatments– when it comes to removing head lice.

The Ugly Truth about Chemical Treatments

Taking action against harmful pesticides and chemicals used as lice Why Chemical Treatments for Removing Head Lice are Harmfulremoval treatments, the Food and Drug Administration has announced a  crackdown on lindane, the dangerous organochlorine insecticide that is often found in prescription and OTC treatments. Lindane isa prescription chemical treatment known to damage brain cells. Additionally, Consumers Union, a publisher of Consumer Reports has strongly advocated taking lindane completely off the market.

Pressure on Parents Created by “No Nit Policies” and The Use Of Chemical Treatments

Even though lice are unpleasant and disgusting, there is no known medical danger to the health of children due to head lice. Yetparents are often forced to use harmful chemical lice removal treatments to get rid of lice because of school policies that don’t allow children with lice to attend school. Head lice don’t transmit disease, yet sometimes the medicine, i.e. chemical lice treatment is actually worse than the disease. The problem is that many well-intentioned parents opt for these chemical laden OTC shampoos and treatments in an attempt to eradicate the problem as quickly as possible. So, what’s the true damage of chemical treatments for children? Absorption of Toxic Chemicals into the Blood StreamWhy Chemical Treatments for Removing Head Lice are Harmful Our scalp has many blood vessels, located close to the skin. This makes it easy for toxic substances dumped on the head to get absorbed into the blood stream directly! Children are more at risk because their immune systems aren’t mature enough to protect them against these harmful chemicals. Pesticide Exposure Makes Existing Health Conditions Worse Lice removal treatments with chemicals and pesticides as the active ingredient can aggravate already existing health conditions. People who are ill or have a chronic disease are more at risk upon continued exposure. Pesticides can also worsen asthma. Can Cause Cancer in Children Young children are at risk of contracting numerous health defects, and even cancer, if faced with continued chemical exposure. While low levels of exposure may seem harmless for the adult, it can make a drastic difference to the fetus, infant, and pre-pubertal child. Chemical lice treatments and OTC shampoos can be harsh. If it’s safety parents want, paired with discretion and 100% positive results, making an appointment at Lice Troopers in Weston, FL is the best way to get rid of lice. Give us a call today!