4 Ways Parents Can Stifle Head Lice Before It Gets Out Of Control

Head lice—don’t we just hate it? It is the most abhorrent thing that people experience after clogged toilets and flying cockroaches. Worst of all, we are completely helpless against head lice – or so it seems. Parents don’t realize this, but they have the power to break the vicious cycle of lice infestations!

How to Stop the Cycle of a Head Lice Infestation?

In a world with headlines such as “Selfies Cause Head Lice” and “Mutant Head Lice affecting More Than 50 U.S. States”, school administrators and parents are forced to take children out of school. According to some parents, however, the No Nit Policy is doing more harm than good and should be discontinued. What parents don’t seem to realize is…we do have a solution that possibly stops a school-wide head lice infestation at the onset!

Your Child Has Lice? Inform The Concerned Authorities!

Not the actual law wielding authorities, but your child’s school or daycare center. It’s the most simple and obvious action that should be taken in such a case; however, many parents don’t. Simply contacting your child’s school/daycare and notifying them of the infestation isn’t enough. You MUST visit a lice removal service Kendall for professional removal.

But The No Nit Policy IS Placed To Stop Lice from Spreading!

Yes, it is. However, consider how much school your child will miss out on. The policy, while sound in working, doesn’t take its adverse effects into account. How will your child feel being alienated from the rest of his class and friends?

Take Action against Head Lice Now

Notifying your child’s school administration the minute you spot lice on your child’s head will help the school nurse to notify other parents. Yes, you’ll be still putting your child through classroom humiliation (stigma about lice has got to stop too!), but you’ll be doing the school and other parents a huge favor! Plus, there are ways you can notify the school or daycare about the head lice infestation without putting your child under the bus. You can:
  • Make an anonymous phone call to your child’s school administrator or school nurse
  • Write an anonymous letter to the school’s principal or administration department
  • Send an anonymous email via the school’s website. Most likely you won’t have to provide your email address.
Take a stand against head lice! It’s your responsibility as a parent to inform others about this menace. After all, you don’t want your child to contract lice again after having every last one taken out by professional lice removal services. Experiencing head lice issues? Get in touch with us for best lice treatment Kendall and explore our reasonable rates!