Lice Attack: How to Armor Up For Battle

We’ve heard this story way too many times. You’re going about your day, no worry in the world, wearing your favorite top, your hair all done—walking with a spring in your step as you grace the café where your friends await you. You take a seat next to your best friend, placing your purse on your lap, only to look around the coffee table to an unanticipated reaction. Smiles turn into frowns, friendly glances into judgmental stares. You grimace at their coldness, wondering what brought it on. And then it dawns on you. They’re staring at you. And more specifically, your hair!

Survivor Story

Nobody enjoys being the bud of everyone’s jokes—and they certainly don’t enjoy being humiliated for reasons beyond their understanding. Head lice infestation is a serious condition that plagues 6 to 12 million people each year around the world. Despite the fact that these are microscopic bugs that cannot be detected from afar, it’s common for people with an infestation to have lice crawling across their forehead, neck and the back of their shoulders. Just like dandruff, lice can be detected on prominent parts of your body. And if you’re not aware of the fact that you could be infested, you may soon be subject to the scenario described above.

Calling Reinforcements

If you’ve suffered from a lice infestation once before, you’re probably already aware of the difficulties of finding effective treatment. From washing your hair with various types of hair oils to experimenting with bizarre homemade remedies; in all likelihood, you’ve tried a wide array of remedies that guaranteed instant lice removal—each one ultimately falling short on its promise. Lack of professional help in the arena of personal health can have serious implications on your mental and physical state of wellbeing. While it’s true that lice infestations are not a life-threatening condition; they are, nevertheless highly contagious and easily transferable through shared space and objects. Regardless of your age, head lice can be a source of discomfort not just physically, but socially and emotionally as well. This is why you should treat your condition as you would a medical illness—with the expertise and knowledge of qualified doctors who specialize in your affliction. Lice Troopers provides professional lice removal service in Miami, Florida. We provide head screenings and effective treatments at our salons, as well as in-home treatment and home inspection services for various clients. Check out what our clients have said about us and give us a call today!