Why Do My Kids Keep Getting Hair Lice?

Head lice infestations are extremely common among children, with nearly 12 million kids affected by them each year. When your young child reports yet another case of an itchy scalp and you see them scratching their head a little too much, you might have a problem. This means that head lice have found their way on to their delicate scalp yet again, leaving behind painful red bumps as they bite. If this happens, it’s because of one of two things. Either the lice treatment you used previously didn’t work, or they’ve gotten head lice from somebody else at school or home. So, what is it that’s causing this situation to reoccur?

They’re Sharing Personal Items

We’re all taught “sharing is caring” from an early age. This rule of life is specially reinforced at school, where teachers encourage their students to share their belongings with their classmates, be it stationery, lunch, or even their knowledge about a certain topic. Unfortunately, sharing certain personal items can set the stage for head lice. Headgear such as hats and helmets and hair accessories like ponytails and headbands are all things that must not be shared among children. The chances of head lice spreading from one child to another are especially high when they share these items, as lice can hide within these, invisible to the child. As a result, the act of sharing causes more trouble than help.

They’re Making Frequent Head-To-Head Contact

Another reason why your child has lice once again is because of frequent head-to-head (or hair-to-hair) contact. This often happens when they participate in team sports where this is inevitable. For instance, head-to-head contact among children is particularly common in football and basketball games played at, or after school. In cases like these, it’s important that you educate your child not to share helmets or other headgear with other children. It’s also important that they shower with warm water after a game and thoroughly rinse their scalp to eliminate potential lice that may be lurking. Sport uniforms should also be regularly washed in hot water to kill off any lingering lice.

You’re Not Using the Right Treatment

How did you tackle lice treatment the first time around? Did you take care to carefully examine your child’s scalp and treat it using the right products? Did you rely solely on home remedies? Did you make sure to wash their clothes, linen, and other belongings to ensure no louse remains? Using the wrong treatment can make all the difference between total elimination and reoccurrences. This is why a head lice infestation must never be taken lightly, and professional treatment must always be sought. Lice Troopers in Plantation offers lice removal services to prevent and treat the outbreak of head lice. They use natural and organic products to get rid of all signs of lice, providing salon treatment, house calls, school screenings, and home inspections. Call at 800-403-5423 to get in touch their team and begin a thorough treatment for head lice!