Dos And Don’ts Of Discussing Lice With Others Parents

Head lice—it’s not a subject you would want to approach in your day-to-day conversations, but as a parent, it becomes unavoidable and necessary. It’s rare, to be a parent and not have to deal with head lice at least once. The treatment is the easy part. It takes less than a day for you to sort out treatment options and book an appointment for professional lice removal Miami for you and your kids. The hard part is the discussion, and unfortunately, most people have a wrong approach to the “lice-talk”. Here are a few tips for to master it:

Do talk about lice before an infestation occurs

Preparation is the key to both lice prevention and lice removal. By talking about lice, you arm yourself and others with the knowledge to form a plan of attack when an outbreak does occur. This involves making sure that the teachers in your child’s school keep the children’s belonging separate at all times, keep an eye out for kids showing symptoms of head lice, and if possible, occasionally getting lice screening services.

Don’t avoid the topic

A head lice infestation is not news; people have been hearing and studying it for years. And yet, the stigma still prevails. Parents are known to hide the fact that their child has lice out of the fear of being judged. Problem is that every time anyone avoids talking about lice, what they are really doing is adding to the stigma, to the myths and rumors. Lice have no preference for classes, races, conditions of the home or the hair. And the sooner you talk about lice, the sooner you can bust these misconceptions.

Do talk about lice with the adults in your child’s life

Teachers, school nurses, parents of other kids, family members—you need to develop a good communication strategy for talking about lice with all these adults. It’s not going to be easy, but at this point, you need to make other kids’ health and priority over preserving your image. Plus, by having a positive stance about lice, you encourage others to be open and honest when the time comes for them to admit to their children’s lice infestations.

Don’t let emotions get in the way

Don’t make assumptions. Don’t blame. A lice outbreak is a frustrating problem for everybody all on its own, and the last thing you want to do is imply that your child is suffering because a certain child is “dirty”. Nobody grows lice, they are simply passed on. Plus, lice do not carry any diseases, so your child’s health is not at risk.

Do suggest and opt for a safe and effective lice treatment

At the end of the day, the best move you can make during a lice infestation is getting the right treatment. A professional, chemical-free lice treatment is a wise choice; you don’t have to worry about any re-infestations and your child’s hair and health remain safe from toxins. Lice Troopers offer one-and-done lice removal services in Coral Gables and Miami. Head towards one of our lice centers with your child, or call us at 800-403-5423 to book a lice removal at home. It’ll be the most amazing decision you make!