Head lice outbreak! Keep calm and trust Lice Troopers

In case of a lice outbreak, we don’t think it would be an exaggeration if we said: “Have no fear, Lice Troopers are here”. Wrap your mind around this. Over twelve million kids are infested with lice every year in the US alone. Can you imagine the number of people infested if you consider parents might get infested too through their kids? Yikes! Lice outbreaks at schools are quite common and easily preventable. Let us tell you how to prevent a lice outbreak in the first place.

Prevention Methods

  1. Regular Screenings
Regular and random screenings should be held at school once in at least three months. The number of screenings should increase in case of large events at school. Specialists like Lice Troopers, should be called in from lice clinics to perform this task.
  1. Isolating the Infested Kids
We know it sounds mean but isolating infested kids will work in everyone’s best interests. The infested kids should be given proper treatments to get rid of the lice so that they don’t spread it to others.
  1. Educating Kids
Kids should be educated about the dangers and signs of having lice. Kids should also be informed about how lice are transferred and what to do if they do get them.

What to do in case of an outbreak?

Delaying the treatment will result in more kids being infested with lice. Better avoid that by acting quickly. Call Lice Troopers immediately!
  • Our highly skilled technicians will come straight to you at your doorstep
  • We will hold quick and comprehensive screenings to make sure that the infestation does not spread more than it already has.
  • Our technicians work very well with pre-school, elementary school, junior high and high school kids and can get through the screening proceedings easily.
  • Our expert technicians will assess the entire situation and come up with a plan to treat the infested kids immediately and to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
We offer pesticide free lice removal in Miami and New York that comes with 100% guarantee. Our treatments are quick, easy and completely pain free at very affordable prices. The school screenings and treatment plans designed by Lice Troopers make sure that the infestation is easily contained. So if you want the best possible lice treatment for your kids, call us today!