On Head Lice & Humor – Do They Mix Together?

Your best defense is a good offense… but with lice in the mix it’s a better idea to add humor into your defense strategy! Why? Think about it. You are hands and knees deep in head lice removal of your 6 year old daughter’s head. Too many nights have been spent, sifting through your child’s curly hair and removing nits and lice. Yet, such a methodical procedure requires meticulous precision! Even one louse or a few nits left behind can restart the cycle and you’ll be back on square one.

It Is Your Decision – Take Lice with a Pinch of Salt or Laughter

Head lice removal isn’t easy. Many parents thinking they can handle DIY lice removal have failed, losing weeks of their life in the process. There’s panic, hysteria, and stress especially when a parent faces this menace for the first time. Head lice removal and its prevention is an incredibly demanding process… keep it light even if choosing a professional lice removal service Pinecrest. Why Is It Important To Keep Your Cool When Dealing With Lice? The day parents dread the most isn’t the end of school and start of holidays. It’s… getting a lice note from their child’s school! Do yourself a favor and take a deep breath – yes the outbreak happened at a very bad time, yes you had just combed out lice from your daughter’s heads. Let it go and move on! Please don’t drive yourself crazy about a bad head lice situation when you can laugh about it with your kid. Stressing out will just lead to negative effects such as:
  •  Lack of focus
  •  Depression
  •  Sadness
  •  Anxiety
  •  Restlessness

Some Lice Jokes to Crack up You and Your Child

Just discovered a few lice hanging around your child’s head even after you banished these critters from her company? It’s time to call in the lice removal experts in Pinecrest! Decrease your child’s nervousness by laughing together at the following jokes:

What Does a Louse Need To Drive?

Answer: a Lice-ense

What is a Louse’s Favorite Hobby?

Answer: Nitting

How Do You Catch Head Lice?

Answer: With a louse trap!

What Does the Louse Use for Help on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’?

Answer: a Lice Line

What Is The Most Famous Battle in the History of Head Lice?

Answer: Charge of the Lice Brigade

Why Is The Comedian With Head Lice More Successful Than All Others?

Answer: He’s got a million of them! Okay… so many of the above jokes probably won’t bring a smile to your face but one thing certainly will! Head to your nearest head lice removal salon Pinecrest, sit back and relax while we do all the heavy lifting! You can also give us a call for an at-home treatment today.