What if Having Lice Was the Norm?

Hearing the word ‘lice’ sends a shiver down our spine. It’s not because we’re scared of the creepy crawly critters but because we associate the problem with poor hygiene.Do they ever bathe?” and “When was the last time they combed their hair?” are some of the questions that pop into our mind when we hear someone has lice. Lice come equipped with stigma and those who are victims of an infestation are guaranteed to face alienation once caught with a louse in their hair. But what if having lice was the norm? I remember when I was in elementary and was caught by a friend of mine with a louse dangling from the strands of my hair. After that, I was the scapegoat of my classmates. Whenever they wanted to vent out their frustrations, I was their target. Elementary kids can be cruel. I remember being that one kid with lice in their hair. And no matter what I did, the bullying did not go away. Even teachers avoided me when they could, in case they contracted the little pests nesting themselves in my mane. I remember being sent home by the school with a note that I was not to return to school until every louse in my hair was gone. My mother desperately tried to get rid of the bugs through OTC products and home remedies. This did nothing to the stubborn critters but did damage to my hair. Before I knew it, I was roaming around the house with Einstein’s afro—minus the intellect. It made me wonder if having lice was the norm, what would the world be like? Imagine having clean hair would make you a social outcast. It sounds crazy but as a 10 year-old, my imagination ran wild. My mother was recommended to take me to Lice Troopers—a professional lice removal service—by one of her best friends. On the way to the clinic, I imagined never having lice, being the only ‘alien’ in a school full of kids running around with pesky bugs in their hair. Kids taking pictures of their lice infestation and posting it on Facebook to show their friends. Mothers telling their children to stay away from the freaks and geeks who don’t have lice because they have poor hygiene, and kids trying to contract them to fit in. I immediately snapped back to reality when we arrived at the clinic. The specialists at the lice clinic were polite and courteous, checking to see how bad the problem was. When they began the process, I was surprised by how the itching reduced by a notch. They took out every nit and louse from my hair and gave my mom tips for preventing future infestations. It’s been a few years since then and I’ve never had another infestation! Lice Troopers also offers in-home treatments and a lice-free membership. Call 1-800-403-5423 to schedule an appointment today.