Dealing With a Lice Infestation? Here How You Should Treat Them

Just when you think you’re one step ahead of these pesky lice, they spring another surprise on you! Already somewhat treatment-resistant, it seems lice have now gotten one leg up on the evolutionary chart by now becoming super lice, a term given to them by the scientific community. While not something to be too concerned with, knowing that we now have super lice to deal with means that we cannot use the same tactics as we have for the past many years. We already know those treatments weren’t beneficial against lice or our basic health to begin with. But with this confirmation of a super species, this indicates that we’ll need to employ some other tricks to get rid of them once and for all… or at least until the next outbreak.

Tips on Treating Lice Infestations

Stay Away from Home Remedies

While tempting, given their cost-friendly ways, home remedies are nevertheless ineffective and can actually cause more problems with repeated use. Some treatments like using tea tree oil and such can even cause skin irritations and burns so if you want to keep your hair healthy, it’s best to just skip using household products.

Separate Your Things

This includes clothing, bedding, hair brushes and accessories, helmets and even headphones! Remember, lice transfer from one head to the next by clinging onto clothing and other objects. When shared, they can make their way to other food sources quite easily. Unfortunately, in this scenario, sharing is not caring.

Talk to a Lice Specialist

This’ll help you learn a lot about your lice problem. Especially, if you’ve caught this infestation in the early stages, coming to a professional lice removal service now will help you nip this problem in the bud. More than that, it’ll be a great treat for your hair since most lice clinics such as Lice Troopers in Carol Gables now use pesticide free, non-toxic treatments that keep your hair healthy as well!

Bring in an Inspection Team

This is serious business. If you’ve discovered your lice problem a little late, it might help if you call upon a lice treatment service for a complete home inspection and cleaning. This’ll not only give you the assurance that your home is lice-free; it’ll help you understand lice management better. In fact, the lice expert will be more than happy to show you what should be kept, thrown away and treated.

It’s that Easy!

According to the CDC, around 6–12 million infestations occur every year in the U.S. among children between the ages of 3 to 11. And with super lice to deal with, you need to make sure that you’re taking the right steps. So don’t hesitate! Contact Lice Troopers Miami today and allow us to help you with your lice problem!