How to Be Free Of Head Lice in Freehold, NJ

With approximately 12 million head lice infestations occurring every year mostly in school-going children all over the US, New Jersey accounts for a large share of this. The need to keep their scalp free of head lice and prevent an infestation from happening is not lost on Americans living in this area. In fact, the terror of head lice has already made many parents paranoid. The fear of head lice is real but not many people know the exact measures to take to prevent these critters from setting camp on your scalp. This is hardest in the case of young children because between school and play, there’s little time to follow a tedious cleaning routine. Here are a few tips to protect your young ones from these blood-sucking leeches.

1.Don’t share hair accessories

Young girls in school tend to bond with their girlfriends over shared scrunchies and fancy hair pins. Even though that’s an essential part of growing up into a young woman, sadly, it also increases the risk of lice infestations. You never know when the other person might have tiny insects living on their heads. Teach your kids to avoid sharing pins, combs, ponies or hair bands.

2.Keep your head to yourself

During childhood, play knows no bounds and children can engage in group activities that involve head-to-head contact. Head lice can easily move from host to host here. Be it Chinese whisper or bedtime story-reading, children should be taught to maintain a safe distance if there’s an infestation risk.

3.Separate Personal Belongings

Even though head lice don’t stay on surfaces that don’t offer blood, they may transfer to some of your personal belongings. If they don’t find their way back to your head or some breeding ground, they’ll latch onto any host they find to survive. This increases chances of lice infestations spreading through sharing of personal belongings. It’s important to teach children to politely decline an offer to wear someone’s headband or sweater; it’s better to be safe than sorry! These tips are just to help you live a stress-free life! As for us, we’re always here to take on another case and rid your head of lice.  We’re a trusted head lice removal clinic Freefold, NJ and Brick, NJ and offer home services as well. Call us at 1.800.403.5423 to reserve an appointment if someone in the house is infested!