Teaching Your Child to Be Kind When Their Friend Has Lice

Even with the no-lice, no-nits policies in place, school children can’t prevent an infestation with mom’s good ol’ DIY home remedies. With these pesky critters attacking students in preschools and elementary schools, it’s nearly impossible to have a completely lice-free atmosphere. Even if parents of school-going children take necessary precautions, there’s no guarantee that there won’t be at least one kid in class who has lice. Imagine being that one child in class who keeps scratching their head helplessly. Empathy is an important life lesson and you need to teach your children to be kind toward those already dealing with head lice. Here are some tips to stay on guard while being compassionate.

Spread love…from a distance

If your friend has lice and they’re coming back to school after a leave, welcome them wholeheartedly. Keep in mind though, physical contact can transmit these leeches from one host to another, and you don’t want the infestation to spread. A better way to show your love is to make them a greeting card that’ll at least make them smile.

Avoid Social Out Casting

Having a child with head lice in the classroom is not a fatal threat to your child or anyone else. True, it can trigger an epidemic but that doesn’t mean the poor child needs to be excluded from every activity. If the class has been assigned a group project, urge your child to invite the friend with the lice problem too. Just ask your kid to avoid sharing caps, scrunchies, towels, etc.

Politely Recommend A Good Lice Clinic They Can Visit

Always train your child to be helpful rather than scornful toward someone who’s suffering from a lice infestation. It’s already hard for them and your child’s behavior can make it better or worse. If you and your child have been through a similar situation earlier, you’d know about Lice Troopers. There’s nothing better than suggesting a reliable lice treatment facility to the child in need. Make sure your child knows the details and passes the information to the friend in need. As for us, we’re always more than willing to take on another case and make another person’s life better.  We’re a trusted head lice removal clinic Brick, NJ and Freehold, NJ and offer school screenings for lice infestation. Call us at 1.800.403.5423 to reserve an appointment right away!