Head Lice: Headache for Summers

The sun’s out, your little hon’s out! As summer approaches, your child and their friends are probably gearing up for some remarkable times under the sun! On the other hand, you’re probably bracing for times of doom: head lice outbreaks! So here are some useful tips for dealing with the inevitable infestation of these pesky parasites so they don’t cost you your mental health!

Setting up Camp!

Many parents, breathe a sigh of relief when their kids go away to summer camp because they have the house to themselves for a change. However, it can actually be a disaster if your kids come back with tiny little ‘nitters’ for friends! Therefore, make it a point to enroll your child in a summer program that has had camp screenings done by lice specialists prior to and during the camp!

Playground Rules!

Summertime Fun Lice Treatment Summertime fun and travel is something to look forward to as a reward for finishing out the school year and that roughly pans out over 100 sunny days! As exciting as it is for your child and their partners in crime, the heat, sweat, and constant proximity to other children is a fail-safe way to get infested with lice! Lice can’t make the jump from one tiny head to another, but given how hands-on and interactive kids tend to be, you need to counter the chances of an infestation before you send your little soldier out into the field! Outbreaks can be inevitable, but the spread doesn’t have to be! You can nip the problem in the bud by catching it in its early stages and getting the required treatment from a professional lice removal clinic. Moreover, because summers are also the perfect time for sleepover parties, this is a double threat and you risk:
  • your child coming back from a sleepover with head lice, or
  • a friend of your child’s bringing lice to your home on a sleepover
In both of these situations, it pays to get your house inspected and cleaned at the earliest convenience so that it doesn’t get out of hand in the event lice is found!

Lice R Us

Summers Bring Q uality Family Time Summers bring quality family time with them. As cherished as that is, it can also be a source of lice outbreaks. Since the kids are home and boundless snuggles, movie nights, and contact sports are bound to happen; the frequent head-to-head contact between family members can spread lice really fast! Therefore, be prepared to make the call and help eliminate this epidemic and avoid the aggravation it can cause you in the long term. We offer in-home hair lice removal services across Florida and New York and can clean your home from a threat of lice so you can enjoy summers like you deserve to!