Common Parental Mistakes that Fuel Lice Breakouts!

As parents, you want what’s best for your little one. But you’re also human, and are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes, these little mistakes can even fuel big lice breakouts! To prevent your child from contracting lice, here’s a list of common mistakes to avoid, so the next time your child reminisces about their childhood with their friends, their lice breakout story doesn’t begin with, ‘mistakes were made… but by my parents!’

Ignorance is NOT Bliss!

Many parents make the mistake of ignoring the early signs of an infestation and suffer the consequences of an outbreak as a result. Therefore, refrain from putting head scratching on the back burner and consult a pediatrician at your earliest convenience if you notice your child doing it. The scratching could be a sign of dandruff, which is also not healthy; so calling in a professional is advised in any case.

Phone a Friend

Keeping the news to yourself will help nobody, least of all your child. It’s most probable that your child got infested at school or on the playground after coming in contact with other kids. Therefore, if you don’t alert fellow parents and school authorities, you’re risking a school-wide lice epidemic!

No Follow-Up to the Treatment

Head lice aren’t like measles; you can’t just treat them once and expect them not to return for an indefinite period of time! Lice removal treatments require vigilant upkeep. In fact, it’s advised that in the event of a severe infestation, you should continue to comb out nits for two weeks after receiving lice removal treatment to maintain a healthy scalp. Parents who skip out on maintenance are subjecting themselves and their child to unnecessary and preventable trouble.

Trying Everything on the Shelf!

Because a head lice infestation is such a headache for most parents, they’ll try everything on the table to address the outbreak. This includes over-the-counter products that are infused with hazardous chemicals to house remedies that involve applying vinegar to the child’s scalp and wrapping it up nice and tight with plastic to leave it overnight. Not only are these methods inefficient and smelly, but they also cause more trouble than good! The anti-lice products contain chemicals that can hinder your child’s neurobehavioral growth and even cause severe skin infections. Therefore, you must always make the sound choice of going pesticide free. Head to one of our lice clinics in Florida, New York and New Jersey or make an in-home service appointment. Our certified lice specialistsensure that you receive a full service lice removal treatment in the comfort of your home so when they grow up, your child doesn’t blame you for their lice outbreak!