Lice Removal Aftercare: A Guide

Lice are stubborn and hard to get rid of, if not handled properly. This is why it’s essential that if you’ve gotten professional lice removal service, or had a successful at-home treatment, that you take care even afterward.

What lice treatments are effective?

There’s no single way of getting rid of lice and different people have different techniques they swear by. Some believe that heat is a surefire way of getting rid of lice, others think smothering is effective. More still are of the opinion that chemical treatments are the best way to go about lice removal. However, none of these guarantees results the way professional lice removal does, because technicians such as those at Lice Troopers are trained and experienced in the best techniques. We also use natural treatments that won’t be harsh on or damage your hair and skin.

Proper Aftercare Makes a Difference

It’s important to make sure you’re careful after your lice removal treatment, because these little monsters are resilient and can come back quite easily.
  1. If you’ve gotten the treatment done, make sure others around you are screened too. Often, symptoms of lice infestation are picked up much later, when they’re fully grown, visible and cause problems. By this time, those who live with you are likely to have been infected as well, since lice are transferred via head to head contact and sharing hair accessories.
  2. Clean away! Lice don’t really survive longer than 24 to 48 hours away from the scalp. Put away stuffed toys, clothing and rugs and clean your couches, bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets. This is so that you minimize your own contact, and allow room for the lice to die out on their own.
  3. Disinfect personal belongings. This includes combs, brushes, hats and scarves, or anything that you’d be using on your head. Soak them in hot water and/or disinfectant that’ll ensure that any lice eggs or live lice left behind will be killed off.
  4. It may not seem necessary, but it’s important to tell your child’s daycare center, school or other people around them. It may seem embarrassing to admit that you or your child had a lice infestation, however, think of it like herd immunity. You’ll be keeping other kids safe if anything at all, in fact, we work with schools and camps in order to screen kids.
  5. Carry out regular checks. Again, if you’ve come into our lice clinic, we can guarantee results, but chances of re-infestation are higher if you’re going back into the same environment.
If you’re struggling with lice removal or suffering re-infestation, get in touch with us and meet our team of experts in Kendall.