Here’s How To Tell The Difference Between Lice And Nits

There are only a few things out there, more frustrating than lice. One of which is nits. Problem is, despite decades of dealing with lice and nits, there are many of us who remain unaware of the difference between the two. When your child comes home with lice, you’re probably expecting it? At some point of being a parent, dealing with those pesky critters becomes inevitable.  However, dealing with a re-infestation, that’s an issue that comes down to the treatment you choose. Not all lice treatments that work on lice will work on nits. To help you make an informed decision of choosing a treatment, we’ll breakdown the must-know differences between lice and nits.

Of Specks and Legs

First off, nits are lice eggs. Like lice, nits too adapt to your natural hair color, which makes them harder to spot. One of the reasons you may miss nits when you check your hair is because these are almost exclusively present on the scalp or sometimes just above the roots. Only once a lice infestation goes long without any attention or treatment, the nits begin appearing away from the roots. They appear in varying sizes, depending on how mature they are. Also, nits are A LOT harder to shake off. Lice, as steadily as they can move around on their miniscule clawed legs, can fall off your hair at times. Nits are sticky, too sticky to simply fall or be moved during regular combing and brushing. It takes the strength and pressure of a high-grade nit comb to get these out. In case of darker hair, nits may be easier to spot than lice. However, people have been known to misidentifying nits as dandruff. These specked particulates are not dissimilar in appearance to dandruff, and if you want to be sure which is which, simply try and shake them off. Dandruff will detach and fly off your hair. Nits will stay put. In short, nits are tough, hard to budge, and very resilient. A head lice re-infestation usually occurs when you use home remedies or OTC (over-the-counter) lice treatments, which never work to eliminate all nits, and in modern times, are ineffective against the new wave of ‘super lice’.

Treating Lice and Nits

You can get rid of both lice and nits and not have to upend bottle of chemicals over your head. Lice Troopers’ lice salon house top lice specialists in the town. Call us at 800-403-5423 and book an appointment with us for an instant live treatment!