Why Your Happiness May Be Shedding Leaves This Fall

Who doesn’t love the splash of rusty fall colors around autumn? It’s nature’s way of preparing for and signaling the coming of winter. And while the fall break is the perfect time to sit back and relax with the people you love, it might become a disaster if you encounter a lice infestation! Fall break is a time for slumber parties and picnics, but it also gives head lice a chance to feed on more hosts. As the saying goes: the more the merrier. This is because they can find more human hosts to feast on during events and occasions—the highlight of the season for them. Here’s what you need to know about how this happens, and what you can do to prevent it.

Halloween Sales

Halloween is one of the highest-spending holidays in the US, with a total of $9 billion in sales for 2017 and it was nothing less this year as well. Store doors didn’t see a still moment this year, because throngs of people constantly kept hustling in. In a frenzy to buy the best costume at the lowest price, customers often overlooked the risk of contracting a lice infestation. People who tried costumes and put on wigs to model in front of store mirrors were especially at risk. During these sale hours, it was impossible to keep count of lice-infested heads that came into contact with each other. The frequency and nearness of human contact increased the risk of catching lice two-fold!

Holiday Highlights In the Harvest Season

Fall is an exciting time that’s full of harvest activities. The season is packed with pumpkin festivals, pecan festivals, scarecrow festivals and apple harvest festivities. Even though these harvest celebrations are held on weekends, traditionally, lice as a result of seasonal festivities go on for much longer!

The Rise of Lice in Fall

But do you know what else comes with communal celebrations? The fear of lice infestations! And the risk of catching lice increases when there are hosts of people huddled together in one place. You never know if the person right next to you has lice! But that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating because what else are lice removal treatments there for?

Lice Treatment Solutions

Lice Troopers is here to comb all your worries away! We’re a leading lice removal clinic Howell and Lakewood, NJ and would love to give you a personalized lice treatment to help deal with lice spread during fall. Our local lice specialists are just a ring away at 732-806-7717; let us know whenever you need our help! Or call us anytime at 732-806-7717. And we’ll be happy to listen to your lice problems!