Here’s why Anti-Lice Shampoos Fail

Head lice shampoos come in very attractive packaging and with the promise of complete head lice removal. You must have seen them in supermarkets and stores with the “all-in-one kits” and the “guaranteed” removal of head lice. Most people look at this packages and promises and think that they are getting an effective head lice treatment at a bargain price. But what they don’t know is that they are the farthest thing from an effective head lice removal tool. In fact, you have a better chance of killing more lice if you manually remove them yourself. The following information will enlighten you about anti-lice shampoos and why they aren’t the best solution for your head lice problem:

The Chemicals

If you get a chance, read the ingredients on the back of the anti-lice shampoo bottle. A quick read through will tell you that there are a lot of chemicals in the shampoo, and a little research will inform you about the type of chemical that you are dealing with. Some of the most commonly used chemicals in anti-lice shampoos are notorious neurotoxins. Prolonged exposure to such chemicals can have harmful effects on your health. This is why our pesticide free organic head lice treatment is the best way to go; it is deadly for the lice and harmless for your health.

Louse’s Immunity

There have been some studies that show that head lice are becoming immune to the chemicals in most head lice shampoos and lotions. No matter how many times you wash your hair with your favorite anti-lice shampoo, the lice will still be clinging on to your hair after you are done. The only damage these shampoos cause will be to your skin, hair and possibly even your health.

The Nits

Most over the counter head lice shampoos aren’t capable of getting rid of nits (lice eggs). Nits are tiny dandruff like lice eggs that stick to your hair with the help of a gel like glue. Getting rid of nits is the hardest part of the whole process, and it is also the most important one. If you don’t get rid of the nits, then you will be dealing with another head lice infestation in a few days time. These are the main reasons why head lice shampoos are ineffective against the parasites that they are manufactured to kill. You can contact us (1.800.403.5423) or visit one of our salons to receive pesticide free head lice treatment, which will kill all the lice and the nits, guaranteed.