Are Your Kids’ Head Lice Not Going Away? Here’s Why You Should Call Lice Troopers

As a parent of young kids, you know exactly how frustrating it can be when you get the call from their school saying they have lice. Lice infestations aren’t anyone’s fault but there definitely is stigma associated with it. Kids with lice are often treated like outcasts in their school as their peers worry about catching them. Even though lice don’t carry diseases and pose any direct danger to their hosts, we as humans aren’t supposed to be hosting parasites. It’s not natural for us to be feeding insects through our scalps, which is why in the long-run, lice infestations can cause health problems such as scalp infections, eczema and even anemia. To remove lice, concerned parents turn to conventional lice removal methods that consist of anti-lice medication and a never-ending list of home remedies. But each of these methods has its shortcomings.

Anti-Lice Products

Noticed how your kid’s lice always seem to return after using anti-lice products? This is because lice have become resistant to 97% of the anti-lice products in the market due to overexposure of permethrin. Permethrin is the main ingredient in most anti-lice products available in the US. Over the course of a few decades, lice have developed resistance toward permethrin and are no longer affected by it. If you’re wondering why the lice aren’t going despite using a couple of bottles of anti-lice products, it’s because anti-lice products have become ineffective.

Home Remedies

The Internet has a never-ending list of bizarre home remedies that claim to remove head lice. From dousing your child’s head with mayonnaise to dunking it into a tub full of water, there are all sorts of home remedies you can try, the only problem is—none of them work. Whether you’re attempting to suffocate lice by clogging their breathing holes with cling film or wash them away with running water. So what is the best way to remove lice?

Lice Troopers’ Professional Lice Removal Services

Lice Troopers uses proven lice removal methods to extract every single louse and nit present on your child’s head. We provide professional lice removal services in Coral Gables and Miami. Our services consist of in-home lice removal, camp/school screenings as well as home inspection and cleaning. You can even visit us in our lice treatment salon where we use advanced technology and pesticide free products to remove lice.