How ALice Infestation Can Leave Your Children Mentally Traumatized

It is a widely accepted fact that head lice do not cause any serious damage to the scalp or any other part of the body; but the fact that your child has head lice can leave him or her psychologically tormented. In fact, studies suggest that the psychological effects of having head lice can have a deep-rooted impact on your child’s personality and mental health.

Abuse and Ill-Treatment at School

The constant bullying and teasing that children who are infested by lice go through can have a destructive impact on their self identity and self-esteem. The myth that a dirty child has head lice persists even today; the fact that hygiene and lice infestation have no causal link is still unknown to many. Upon being constantly teased by classmates, children mentally drain down and start suffering from an inferiority complex. Victimized children are mocked by their classmates and are socially separated from “cleaner” kids, making children suffering from lice feel unhygienic and unhealthy. Bullying can also reach to the point where classmates may even hit or push your child and leave him or her in isolation. Moreover, many cases have been reported where friends or classmates put up the victim’s picture on social media and degraded them to an extent that is both horrific and traumatizing.

Beware of the Symptoms

It is important for parents to be conscious and aware of possible mental and psychological trauma symptoms that your child may be going through because of lice. Not Willing To Go To School If your child is refusing to go to school, try to understand the reasons behind it rather than forcing him or her to attend school. One of the possible reasons could be the teasing and bullying. Realize that your child may be reluctant to express the reasons at first; talk to your child and find out what’s bothering him. Physical Symptoms The most common symptoms in children that reflect their disturbed mental health include headaches, stomach aches, nausea, tendency to stumble while speaking and resistance to almost everything. As parents, it is your duty to talk it out with your children and not let them become isolated due to shyness and timidness. These psychological effects must be taken seriously because they have the potential to damage the entire personality of your child. The best way to avoid all this havoc is to take your child to a professional head lice removal salon that provides with the state of the art facilities and treatments that are absolutely natural and trouble-free for your child. At Lice Troopers, our professional staff will provide you with an pesticide free lice treatment that is free from harsh chemicals and will remove all the blood sucking parasites in a single treatment. Our lice treatment center is located in Miami, but we can come to your place if needed to help you with your lice problems.