How Can a Lice Infestation Affect Your Child at School?

Lice infestations, and the way that they affect children, can be a bigger problem than you may think. Parents need to know the impact of a lice infestation and should never underestimate its importance. Although lice infestations do not pose a serious health risk, they can lead to many complications.More importantly, when a child is dealing with an infestation,it can cause a host of problems for him or her at school.

A note about head lice

Head lice spread through a person’s scalp or hair. The condition results from head-to-head contact, mainly due to the sharing of combs, hats and other items. Although head lice most commonly pass among children, it can also affect adults. If your child has head lice, it is probable that you also have it.

What can be the effect of a lice infestation?

Life infestations can lead to various infections if left untreated. Head lice infestations cause itching of the scalp, which can in turn lead to the skin getting scratched and damaged,exposing it to infections. These include: 1)      Cellulitis – a bacterial skin infection usually in the form of a swollen, red area which can spread to other areas of the body. Although the infection is not contagious, it can be potentially very serious. 2)      Impetigo – this is a very serious skin infection that spreads from person to person. It manifests in the form of red sores usually on the nose and mouth area of the face. The sores upon bursting can develop into crusts. 3)      Typhus – this is a bacterial infection that can take various forms. The bacteria rickettsia is carried by arthropods such as head lice, which, upon biting, can cause the bacteria to enter the bloodstream and grow. 4)      Piedra infection–Piedra is a fungal infection that can negatively affect your hair shaft. It can cause your hair to break easily.

How can it affect your child?

The aforementioned infections are sufficient reason why your child may have a hard time at school. Constant itching and red sores can be frustrating for a child, not to mention painful and bothersome. In addition to this, head lice can greatly affect your child’s ability to perform well in class. Concentration is affected in both home and class work. Furthermore, socializing with other children at school will most likely cause problems. Schools generally have strict head lice rules and policies, and may even ask your child to remain at home until head lice are removed. Naturally all of this can have a negative emotional impact on your child,resulting in decreased self-esteem confidence and sociability.

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