How Can Schools Combat Head Lice Infestations?

Head lice infestations are a common occurrence among children and adults alike. One way that head lice infestationsspread is through close, head-to-head contact. Schools are one place where this can happen frequently. Therefore schools should take active steps in safeguarding and protecting children from getting head lice, which can cause a lot of problems academically and socially. More importantly, a failure to tackle head lice infestation at school can have a very negative impact on the school’s image and reputation. Here are a few methods that schools can implement to combat head lice infestations:

Hold educational talks

Education is the key to a lice free school. The best way to combat infestations is to organize talks, inviting speakers to address the issue. The planned talk can be announced to parents, and they should be invited to attend as they play an important role in keeping kids free of head lice. The talk could highlight how head lice infestation spread, the causes and what lice removal treatments parents can turn to in the case of an infestation. The talk can also include what to do during an outbreak, as well as the steps that should be taken to contain it.

Organize screenings

As part of its checkups, either on a periodical basis or during an outbreak, schools can hold screening sessions in which children are checked for traces of head lice. Schools will want to bring in professional expertise for this as experienced specialists are required to distinguish head lice infestations from other similar conditions, and to make surechildren are screened with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Notify parents/guardians

Schools also need to follow strict guidelines and policies for notifying parents or guardians if their children are found to have head lice. The parents or guardians should be contacted either via phone, or invited in for a face-to-face meeting to discuss the issue in a frank, yet polite manner. Parents and guardians should be reminded of the highly contagious nature of head lice so that they can undertake the proper steps quickly.

Proper child handling

Schools need to be watchful for how they approach and deal with children who are found with head lice. They should not be called out in front of the class or in the school assembly period. Teachers and principals need to be aware that doing so would make them a target for abuse by other children and can affect them emotionally. Also, they should not be asked to leave the school early. Rather, they should be allowed to leave school after the end of the day.Their classes can be resumed after teachers are sure that they no longer have head lice. A certificate of removal from a professional treatment service would be sufficient for this. Lice Troopers provides an exceptional resource in educating communities about the dangers of head lice infestations.We also organize large-scale screenings in schools, camps and daycare centers. For more information about our professional lice removal and related services, please call us today.