How Long Have I Had Head Lice?

How can you not know that you have lice? The answer to this question is simple. Many people who visit our lice treatment center Hollywood have little idea regarding extent of their head lice infestation. Sure, all the symptoms exist: the scratching, sores on the head, white dandruff-like flakes etc. Yet, parents are usually shocked when a routine lice inspection shows their child’s head crawling with these little critters!

Many Aren’t Allergic To Lice Bites

Some people don’t know if they have head lice! This is because they aren’t allergic to lice bites and therefore have no idea unless a visible sign appears. So next time your son complains of something crawling on his head at night, don’t disregard it, even if he isn’t scratching! Parents also come to Lice Troopers, asking the most effective way of catching head lice red handed i.e. before the critters are about to make new life. It’s a good question to ask considering effective lice treatment and prevention begins with understanding of a louse’s life cycle. Below is an overview of the common louse’s life cycle which will help understand lice prevention and treatment a little better:

Complete Life Cycle of Lice

First off, a female louse crawls in the victim’s head and deems the abode worthy of the next generation of lice.
  • The female louse crawls to the hair and lays an egg or nit
  • 8–10 days later, the egg hatches and a new louse (nymph) emerge. Baby lice cannot reproduce and takes at least 9–10 days to reach the adult stage
  • Once the nymph reaches their ninth or tenth day of survival, it becomes an adult. Fully adult lice are able to reproduce
This is the point that a new lice circle begins even when certain factors (such as frequent lice combing) affects the cycle. It won’t stop from restarting until and unless all nits and live lice are removed from the head! Some Interesting Facts about Lice
  • Female lice lay up to 10 eggs in a day!
  • A female louse only needs to mate once, continuing to lay lice eggs for her entire life duration!
  • Complete life of the common head louse (in a head) is 30 days
Do you suspect a lice problem in your home? Let our professional lice removal service take care of this issue! Visit Lice Troopers and have this pest removed in a safe, natural and cost-effective way!